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Ecological control

"Smartility is a control system for Water, Power, and Gas utilities.

User Management is operated via SMARTU™ App.

Imagine a world in which the resident/tenant could precisely budget their monthly Utility bills.

The result is Smartility a combination of proprietary hardware and software that provides precise control for the Utility user."

—  Jean-Fabrice Brunel, Founder and Inventor




Jean-Fabrice Brunel on going green and making the Smartility choice



Offering Solutions That Make A Difference

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Example: The Shower – Flow rate, gallons-per minute, temperature = time and cost.

To meet target: Sally’s 4-minute shower (17gl at flow-rate of 2.1 gallons-per-minute @ 85 degrees) could be reduced to a 3-minute shower at 75 degrees.

Smartility is good for everyone. The resident/tenant, municipality and utility company.

Smartility sensors can be deployed on all utility existing utility infrastructure inside the home/building (pipes, wires).

Smartility works with new or pre-existing infrastructure.



Users set monthly budgets $500 per month and the system will plan usage limits across all utilities according to primacy needs.

Smartility constantly monitors, recalculates and reallocates according to actual usage.

The system may be overridden at any utility delivery point (plug, device, heating, shower, etc…) according to user settings.

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Stéphane Lescure, Founder of SnowFlake LLC

My business is home-based, so I realized that energy-efficient projects will affect both my personal and professional bottom line. SMARTILITIES helped me improve my homes’ energy efficiency with whole house solutions; yielding a utility bill savings of 20 percent. SMARTILITIES profiled my energy use, assessed the energy efficiency and compared it to an energy saved homes and the difference was astonishing. I can control all the thermostat and cost from the app and it very simple of use. The assessment showed that I need some other works such as changing the windows and the heater for example to be fully efficient in energy savings but with more that 20 percent of saving already I’m quite happy. 

Marcus Hirsh, Founder of HOME TM

HomeTM is a living‐on‐demand format that combines technology, real‐estate and scale.  It’s 20 acres campus with 5 stories building which is supposed to welcome 60,000 people a day. Working with SMARTILITIES to  create green campus by capping the expenses of energy and overcome barriers to create high-performance, sustainable buildings is brilliant and enriching! These innovations measuring and sharing energy data to enable efficiency will lead us to the top performance

Bernard Scoffie, Founder of L'Agence Télécom

Our company is a Subsidiary of SFR, the french division of ALTICE Group, we have numerous offices around France and we faced  specific challenges regarding energy management.  SMARTILITIES helped us to target energy use in these areas specially since those facilities are not active 24 hours a day. We had made significant savings on utilities bills, after having analysed and audit our office. We are so happy with this solution that we are going to propose Smartility to our +10,000 clients in France as a new commercial strategy along with Telecommunications, our core business 

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